Earth and Space Science

Earth and Space Science


Let’s learn about the solar system’s biggest planet – Jupiter!



NOTE:  I like to read the Basher Astronomy book with a character’s voice.  Jupiter deserves a large, manly voice.

Independent Readings:

I have my students read library books about our science topics.  Here’s a few we grabbed from the library for this lesson:



Narration Page:

Elemental Science offers a student workbook with printable narration pages with a picture to color as well as lines for students to use for writing information they learned or found interesting.  By this stage in 2nd grade, my students are writing at least 3 sentences sharing from our lesson or  from what they have discovered in their readings.

You can use a blank sheet of paper and have your students draw a picture and/or write their narration on it.

Explore More:

CLICK HERE to go to NASA’s Jupiter page.  See pictures of current probe activity and watch videos about the planet.

Incorporate the Arts:

Listen to Gustav Holst’s “Jupiter” from his Planets symphony.  Click here for a YouTube link to the Jupiter section only.  I played this while my students were doing their independent reading.