World History – Middle Ages to American Revolution


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Come and learn with us!  I am sharing my resources and lessons for our 2nd grade study of World History beginning with the Middle Ages and ending at the American Revolution.  You’ll have access to our daily activities as we explore this time period.

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    Here's a bit of info to get you started with us in this study.

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  • Middle Ages 

    • Me on the Map
  • Colonization 

    We will focus on the colonization of the New World

    • Jamestown
    • Galileo
    • Puritans at Plymouth
    • Squanto and the First Thanksgiving
    • Dutch in North America
    • Rhode Island
    • Maryland
    • New Sweden
    • Living in New England Colonies
    • Becoming New York
    • Carolinas & Colonial Life
    • French in North America
    • William Penn & Pennsylvania
    • Kings and Queens of England
    • Native American Trade
    • Iroquois
    • Colonial Living
    • New France
    • Life in the Southern Colonies
    • Life in the Thirteen Colonies
    • Life on a Southern Plantation