A Day in My Life: What does a Homeschool Day Look Like?

“What does a typical homeschool day look like?”  This is a question that I get almost every time I host a class or discussion.  I want to start giving you a peek into our homeschool days.

I had a conversation with a homeschool dad yesterday, and he mentioned his thoughts of why this is such a common question.  He said, “Everyone is hoping that there is some secret to a perfect day.”

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that there is any family that always has perfect homeschool days.  I can say that I have had a few that were pretty close, and I try over and over again to get them back.

A Homeschool Day

Here’s a view into our life yesterday.  It had beautiful moments and ugly moments.  Hopefully, this will encourage you to know that homeschooling is messy, and it is just fine.  We all survive and learn and grow in the midst of it all.


  • This whole week we have been dealing with head colds.  I didn’t get up early. I jumped in the shower late and got out to hear my twins screaming for freedom.
  • Breakfast was the usual cereal and frozen waffles.   I didn’t get my coffee until after everyone had eaten.  Not good…
  • Because I didn’t get up early, I had to get myself organized on the go.  Not good…
  • I was a broken record for a bit with my older children.
    • “Get dressed and then come and start your schoolwork.”
    • “Are you dressed?”
    • “You aren’t wearing those fuzzy socks today, right?”
    • “Why don’t you get fully dressed and ready to go before we do anything else?”
  • I left my older children working on schoolwork and my younger ones watching TV while I got dressed.  I took breaks to put a load in the washer…check my phone…check my email….print out a test…answer a schoolwork question.
  • I quickly put the food together for the Thanksgiving Feast lunch with our homeschool community group.  The little ones begged me for a snack….
  • I forced clothes onto my little ones who still don’t understand the value of clothing.
  • I got everyone in the van and then took 15 minutes to load it while they watched a Doc McStuffins video on our iPad.
  • My little ladies tried to finish up the schoolwork that they brought in the van.
  • We arrived at the park and finally got out after dealing with a preschooler who refused to put on socks and shoes.
  • I lectured my older children on the importance of watching the younger ones.   This is our No Child Left Behind policy.
  • I was so blessed to see my children’s friends arrive!  This time of interaction and play is so important for us!

BHC Thanksgiving Feast


  • We stayed at the park most of the afternoon.  I shared with other homeschool moms and even met a few new friends myself!  So refreshing…
  • There was a moment when my twins had grabbed a cheese puff bag for their own.  I chose not to fight that battle and grabbed a brownie for myself.
  • As my twins were melting down from the lack of naptime, we got them in the van.  And, God bless the iPad!  A Sesame Street video (free from iTunes) saved the day!
  • We got home and ate leftovers.  OK, some of us ate…yes, this is when I regretted my failure to fight the cheese puff bag battle.
  • My older children worked on the leftover schoolwork which had to be finished before Thanksgiving Break.


  • After baths and quiet playtime, we snuggled together in my bed to watch a favorite family TV show since my husband was still out working.
  • Little ones went to bed, and I shared more snuggle time and TV with my older ladies.
  • Finally, the day was done…

This isn’t a typical day, and I am embarrassed to read over this account.  I would love to say that I always wake up and have everything ready for my family before they rise.  It just isn’t reality.

I am thankful that I had schoolwork laid out at the beginning of the week.  My ladies knew exactly what they needed to complete before our break.

These days out with the homeschool community are so valuable too!  The “home” part of homeschooling can get depressing and lonely.  We need to connect with people who share our journey.  I encourage you to incorporate these times of connection at least once a week!

Let’s Chat:  Are there any similarities to your homeschool days and mine? Click here to share your thoughts.

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