When I Leave the Room

Last week my husband came in from his office to let me know that I needed some Kleenex.  I gave him a puzzled look, and he told me to check my email.

Here is the video that he had sent to me:

He was right…I needed Kleenex!  What a beautiful expression of a mother’s heart!

I felt immediately that I needed to share this precious video with another mom.  As moms, we often refuse to “leave the room.”  We may walk away physically, but we still hold onto the responsibilities of making sure we do everything perfectly for our children.

I often find myself trying to get it all right.  I want to be the very best mom that I can be.  I want to listen every time my children need to talk.  I want to get on the floor and play the games.  I want to create beautiful memories.  I want to fight every battle for them.  I want to be a part of all their successes.  I want to cheer them on through every struggle.

The reality is that I can’t.  I’m not able.  It’s just not possible.  Physically, mentally, and spiritually…I am not enough.

It starts at an early age.  That first night she slept through the night in her own crib, my daughter began to have her own experiences.  She began to think her own thoughts.  She has grown to need me less and less.   That’s the way it should be.

It’s hard to let go of the control.

Many times it is hard to trust and know that God has a plan.

 Jesus is my child’s Savior, not me.

But, what a revelation!  I don’t have to be a savior!  I must be faithful to lead my children to THE Savior.   I must trust that God will use both my strengths and my weaknesses to demonstrate His great love to them….and to me.

Being who He created me to be is the best gift I can give my children.  Being transparent and open about my struggles and my victories may even help them attain greater things than I ever imagined.

When I need to leave the room and let them live, explore, and discover, I will be “leaving Jesus” next to them.

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