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Who is making decisions about the educational needs of your children?

Who’s The Boss?

OK…not really, but some days it feels like it, huh?  And, this is a good topic for parenting, but we are talking about school choice this week… When it comes to choosing your child’s school, perhaps we should start by asking, “Who’s the boss?” At my homeschooling workshops, the topic I …

Everybody is a Homeschooler

Everybody is a Homeschooler

“I could never homeschool.” I’ve heard this comment so often, and as we enter National School Choice Week, I’m sure I’ll hear it more. This statement contains no truth though.  It is empty and invalid, because everybody is a homeschooler.  If you have ever lived in a home, you have …

National School Choice Week 2015

National School Choice Week is a time that celebrates and promotes the educational options available to U.S. students.  I became aware of …