Earth and Space Science

Earth and Space Science


This lesson will focus on Mars – its place in the solar system and how it is different from the other planets.



Independent Readings:

I have my students read library books about our science topics.  Here’s a few we grabbed from the library for this lesson:


CLICK HERE to view my Mars playlist on YouTube.

Online Interaction:

The internet is full of online activities related to Mars.  Visit my Mars Pinterest board for links to activities, online games, and even apps for phone or tablet.

Narration Page:

Elemental Science offers a student workbook with printable narration pages with a picture to color as well as lines for students to use for writing information they learned or found interesting.   I don’t require formal paragraphs at this stage.

You can use a blank sheet of paper and have your students draw a picture and/or write their narration on it.

Incorporate the Arts:

Listen to Gustav Holst’s “Mars” from his Planets Symphony.  You can do this while students are completing their narration pages.