5 Lessons for Fall

Well…I’m back.  It’s a new season.  I’ve had to figure out balance again.


Probably one of the greatest struggles I have is the constant need to be “flexible.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if every day was the same?  But, with 4 children, each in a different stage of development, every moment brings an adventure, challenge, and treasure.

I struggle with getting things done and still being flexible enough to embrace the treasured moments.

As I write this, it is Saturday – my newly-declared Sabbath day.  I glance up to see my beautiful children enjoying the unscheduled day.  We all need this – time to breathe, time to set aside concerns, time to be still.

As I have considered my time these past few months, I have realized that every fall is new.  New classes, new clothes, new stages, new needs, new schedules, new pursuits, new grades.  I find my old schedule and way of doing things doesn’t fit into the new.  I am forced to adjust, to change.

Interesting that the outdoors reflects this same need to change? Leaves are slowly being lost in place for the new that is to come.  I must also let go of the source of yesterday to make space for new resources.


Things I was able to use or do last year might have to be set aside as I face the challenges and treasures of the current school year.  Sometimes I fight against the change—and this keeps me from finding the balance I need for the current season.

Do you find this is true for you too?

I am hoping the recognition of this element of life will help me to adjust more quickly and effectively.

Here are lessons I’ve learned to help prepare and adjust for new:

1.  Don’t plan more than 2 days out of the house each week.

Why?  When I leave the house, I have to set aside routines like school, cleaning, naps—which will add up to chaos.  But, we all need to get out of the house.  A house can quickly feel like a jail…

2.  Schedule a break every 5 to 6 weeks.

Why?  I need time to push the reset button or make an adjustment in something that isn’t working.

3.  Take “me” time at least once a week.

Why?  I need to be reminded that I am not defined by what I do. I need to keep “who I am” alive and creative.

4.  Complete priorities first.

Why?  This keeps me and my children from wasted days.  It also allows me to be flexible if I know that the most important tasks of the day are completed.

5.  Keep it simple.

Why?  The simple things are easier to adjust and maintain.  The simple also gives us daily “wins” which encourage us to keep going forward.

Let’s Chat:  What are lessons you have learned to help prepare for and adjust in new seasons of life? Please share.

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