A Grandmother’s Legacy

Christmas 2008 142I saw this photo of my grandmother who passed away this past January, and I had to write about how she has challenged me to be a better mother and homemaker. You see, my grandmother married at an early age and accepted her role as wife and mother with dedication and strength of character. She never wrote a book or had a professional career outside of the home. Her children talk of how she always had a wonderful breakfast on the table each day, and I have memories of delicious Thanksgiving dinners in which Grandma always made the turkey and dressing. I can’t remember ever hearing her talk negatively about anyone or complain even when the crippling arthritis took away the normal use of her hands. And judging by the strong faith of all her children, she must have exhibited and encouraged a genuine relationship with God as she raised up her brood of mostly men.

At her funeral, I was amazed to see her legacy…a legacy of faith-full and adoring children. It challenged me to look at my grumbling and complaining about cleaning the kitchen 20 times a day or having to stay home all the time with napping little ones. I didn’t like the big baby I saw in my attitude. If my grandmother could do it, then I could grow up and swallow my selfish ways. Completing those daily chores and the consistency of keeping and exhibiting my relationship with God really do leave a legacy that I desire for my children and grandchildren!

So, bring on the messes and runny noses and time-consuming discipline! With the help of the Holy Spirit, I accept the challenge to leave a legacy and pass on the legacy inherited!