A Wonderful Christmas Time

“Simply having a wonderful Christmas time” (Jars of Clay)

This line from a Christmas song has been jingling through my head this past week. We were able to visit with all of our families this year, and we absolutely loved the opportunities to share with them all! The girls were able to see and visit with all of their living great-grandparents. These are memories that we will treasure in years to come.

Our Christmas celebrations started off on Christmas Eve, and I have to tell you about my little mishap! A few days before Christmas Eve I took the girls out to the zoo and mall as noted below. When we arrived home that night, I was a little perturbed to discover lots of trash and misc. items stuffed in the backseat of the van. I spent about 15 minutes grumbling and cleaning out the van.

The next day when I had to return library books, I discovered that I had left the van’s interior lights on overnight, and as you have probably guessed, the van’s battery was dead. I couldn’t even open the sliding doors! This was another moment of grumbling at myself, but I knew that we could take care of it.

Well, we did not think to take care of it until it was time to leave for Christmas Eve activities. Our van’s battery was so far gone, that our van’s gear shift was actually locked and unable to move! So, we had to totally disconnect the battery to get the van started! It was quite an accomplishment and feat for my husband and me. It really was a Christmas miracle!

Any other Christmas miracles out there?