Begging for Food

This morning I did what I do every Saturday…I woke up to talking toddlers and knew it was time to get moving. Leaving the rest of my family asleep, I brought the twins into the kitchen with me and started preparing pancakes. My little lady was under my feet, wouldn’t stop getting in the way, and wanted me to hold her. Little man was at the table begging to be placed in his seat. I kept telling them, “Mommy is making pancakes. I love you and hear you. I am trying to meet your needs.” 

As I went through this every day moment, I was reminded of God’s work as the provider of my every day needs. Often I am just like my toddlers….begging for food, rummaging in places I shouldn’t, crying and distressed, asking Him to hold me. All the while He is working on my behalf and telling me He loves me.

My toddlers were soon sat at the table with milk and pancakes. Now, I have a different picture in my mind as I learn to be still and know that He is God (Psalms 46:10).

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