Best Place to Do School

It’s a common question among homeschool moms:  “Where do you do school?”  The answer can include anywhere in a house, including the kitchen sink!

Best Place to Do School

But, I believe the best place to do school must have these key ingredients:

1.  Room With A View

roomwithaview3Make sure your students have a  connection to nature and the world around them.  How thankful I am for the large picture window in our house’s dining room!  I took down the shades right after we moved  in.  We enjoy watching the leaves fall, seeing the bright blue sky, and especially being distracted when the robins stop by.

2.  A Central Location


washhouse-294621_1280Since I am multi-tasking as a teacher AND housekeeper, it is great for me to have quick access to the laundry and the kitchen.  Also, with children at such different ages and stages, I need to be able to keep my eyes on everyone.

3.  A Space With A Table

School involves a lot of writing and drawing. It is also good to have a place where books and computers can be set during study time.  I like to be able to sit down and look my students in the eye, and a table offers that type of setting for discussions and instruction.

Space with A Table

4.  An Open Area

Usually, an open area contains the perks of being central and having a view.   It also keeps me and my students organized, because it is constantly visible.  Why does that help?  Wouldn’t it be great to have an area where you close the door  and forget it until the next day?

Open Door

No.  I have found  I need an area that requires accountability.  An open space keeps me aware of unfinished schoolwork and also make me accountable to  keeping the school area organized.

Of course, schoolwork can be done anywhere – on the couch, in the car, on a blanket in the backyard, and even UNDER the table!  But, when establishing a regular school area in my home, I look for these 4 essential ingredients.

So, where do we “do” school?   Primarily, our schoolwork is completed in our house’s formal dining room – large picture window view of our backyard, easily accessible to kitchen and laundry, space for a table, and an area open to the front door, living room, and kitchen.

Let’s Chat:  Where do you “do” school?  Does it contain these 4 essentials? Any other essentials you find are needed?

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