Considering God’s Creation

I have found Considering God’s Creation to be a wonderful science resource for us during the elementary grades. I had tried reading the encyclopedias and doing narrations as detailed in The Well-Trained Mind, but I couldn’t seem to get it all together. Perhaps it required too much prep work for me? Probably!

Considering God’s Creation provides a framework for study of natural science. The student workbook is full of creative activities and worksheets that reinforce what you are learning. The teacher’s text gives you the exact words to say in teaching the lesson, and it gives other ideas to explore the subject covered. There isn’t much guesswork, which is good for me!

This is a Christian curriculum that focuses on the truth of God’s word and how that is reflected in science. This is a bonus for those who want to give their students tools to defend their faith.

The music CD is not a must-have, and we actually did not use it. If you can find it on Amazon or Ebay, then pick it up, but this is a science curriculum that will not break the budget!