World History: 1800-1825

World History: 1800-1825

James Madison as President


p.20 & 129 of The Presidents Visual Encyclopedia
p.22-23 of The Big Book of Presidents



Complete a flipbook about James Madison.  I use the President Layer Books printable offered at

We also completed a vocabulary matching worksheet from ThoughtCo.

Online Activities:

Play this short timeline game about James Madison from Brain Pop:

CLICK HERE for a game about the Bill of Rights which James Madison helped develop.

CLICK HERE for another game that teaches the Bill of Rights.

iCivics offers an online game that can be played specifically focused on the Bill of Rights.

Independent Readings:

Explore More:

  • Visit Montpelier – we recently visited Madison’s Virigina home, and it gives you a true feel for how James Madison lived and what he valued.
  • Complete a worksheet that highlights James Madison’s effect on government and political policies.