World History: 1800-1825

World History: 1800-1825

Lewis and Clark Expedition

*There is so much available for this topic.  Please pick and choose what works best for you, or plan to take several days to cover this lesson.


  • Chapter 11 The New Nation
  • Chapters 3-4 Building an Empire
  • p.22-43 The Louisiana Purchase From Independence to Lewis and Clark
  • Chapters 3-7 The Louisiana Purchase by Christy Steele
  • p.4-59 The Lewis & Clark Expedition
  • p.8-11 America in the Time of Lewis and Clark
  • Chapters 4-6 The Louisiana Purchase by Elizabeth Jaffe
  • p.6-8 Going West


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Activities: offers Historical Figure Trading Cards for Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea:

ThoughtCo. offers a webpage of worksheets including a word search, vocabulary matching, crossword puzzle, and coloring pages.  We will print a few of these to review our readings and discoveries.

We completed this map activity of the journey, available through Enchanted Learning:

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Learn about the journey:

Explore the Lewis and Clark Artifacts Poster:

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