World History: 1800-1825

World History: 1800-1825

The First States


p.4-17 The Louisiana Purchase: Independence to Lewis and Clark

CLICK HERE for a brief online article about the statehood process.  You may also want to explore the Constitution with your students.


On a blank map of the United States, write the names and dates on which the following became states:

‰‰ Delaware (1787)
‰‰ Pennsylvania (1787)
‰‰ New Jersey (1787)
‰‰ Georgia (1788)
‰‰ Connecticut (1788)
‰‰ Massachusetts (1788)
‰‰ Maryland (1788)
‰‰ South Carolina (1788)
‰‰ New Hampshire (1788)
‰‰ Virginia (1788)
‰‰ New York (1788)
‰‰ North Carolina (1789)
‰‰ Rhode Island (1790)
‰‰ Vermont (1791)
‰‰ Kentucky (1792)
‰‰ Tennessee (1796)


Explore More:

Read books about Daniel Boone & Davy Crockett, and consider having your students write a short biography or collect information on a worksheet.

Amazon Prime offers these movies:


Consider using the workbook above (Interdisciplinary Lessons & Activities) for lessons/activities as we explore the states added to the union through this time period.  Section 5 focuses on The Mississippi Valley, including Kentucky and Tennessee.

Consider creating “The New Frontier” pocket from the Moving West activity book, and we will complete the John Adams page of the U.S. Presidents workbook which focuses on the first states.

Independent Reading: