World History – Middle Ages to American Revolution

Early Life of George Washington


P.1-37 of George Washington by Ingri & Edgar Parin D’Aulaire
p. 5-6 of America in the Time of George Washington by Sally Senzell Isaacs

OPTIONAL:  We read aloud Chapters I-VI of The Life of Washington by Josephine Pollard.  Each time I would read I would have my students color or build quietly.  We could only handle about 2 chapters at a time.

Independent Readings

We explore our library system for books related to George Washington’s early life.  Here are a few we discovered:




CLICK HERE for a short biography of George Washington with discussion questions.  (Super Teacher Worksheets requires membership to download.)

CLICK HERE for a color-by-number portrait of George Washington. offers limited access for free membership.

CLICK HERE for a FREE coloring page based on the painting Washington and Gist Crossing the Allegheny River attributed to artist Daniel Huntington (presented by

You can simply “google” George Washington coloring page and get tons of materials for this type of activity.

Online Interactives:

Virtual Tour of Mount Vernon:

Interactive Story of Washington’s mission to contact the French:

We will explore more about George Washington as we move through the American Revolution.  This lesson’s focus is primarily about his early life through the French and Indian War.