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King George I & Handel

Let’s learn about King George I of England and his connection to the composer, Handel.


I’ll have my students color p.25 from this book while I read or show them information about George I.

31. George I –

After Queen Anne died childless the throne passed to her cousin, George I. The 1701 Act of Settlement had barred Catholics from the succession and George was the nearest Protestant relative. At 56 years old, he became the first monarch of the House of Hanover.

George’s reign saw the power of the monarchy diminish and a system of cabinet government begin to emerge. Shortly after his coronation the Whig party won an overwhelming victory in the general election of 1715 and the party grew in dominance through his reign. Real political power came to be exercised by Sir Robert Walpole, who became Britain’s first de facto Prime Minister.

George died of a stroke during a trip to his native Hanover. He was succeeded by his son, George Augustus.

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