World History – Middle Ages to American Revolution


As we prepare for our study of world history, I explore several different resources.  For history, we use the library A LOT, and I encourage you to get familiar with your library’s systems for reserving books and for requesting books.

I will link lots of resources from, so you can evaluate whether you want to add resources to your personal library.  We often purchase books that are used for more than 2 weeks at a time.

Please note:  All the links to Amazon are affiliate links – meaning Amazon tracks when you purchase and sends me a credit for leading you to them.

How I Developed These Lessons

Here are the curriculum and resources I have used for guide maps and for resources in planning these history lessons:

You may want to purchase or explore these resources as well.  I may refer to them as we go through the year’s lessons.  Remember that some of these resources could be in your local library’s collection.

I have used these resources as well as internet links to develop lessons that are informational as well as interactive for my 2nd grade students.  Each lesson should take no more than 1 hour to complete, and we often divide up a lesson into 2 days if it seems like it is going to be longer.

Most Needed Resources

It has been easiest for me to break lessons into four sections like Tapestry of Grace directs.  I am listing what books that are needed for more than 2 lessons in each section.    I encourage you to consider purchasing these books, because it is easier than trying to keep up with a library’s return/renewal policy.



I’m still developing this course, and I will add other resources here as I work through the school year.