First Language Lessons

As we move from preschool and kindergarten, I believe it is important to start laying the foundation of writing, and First Language Lessons provides a wonderful transition as parents move into 1st grade studies. Here is a brief explanation from the author’s website:

“This one book is all you need to teach grammar for first and second grade. The lessons are short but effective; each one takes 5-15 minutes. The first 40 lessons are oral, since most first graders are not ready to do a lot of pencil-work. (There are enrichment exercises for those children who write easily.)

This book teaches grammar concepts in a gentle, yet thorough, way. In just minutes a day, two to three times per week, your child will learn eight parts of speech, the basic rules of capitalization and punctuation, the four types of sentences, and beginning storytelling and narration skills.”

Before you go and get a formal English grammar study, I highly suggest that you try out this wonderful resource! It is very inexpensive for 2 years of study at less than $10 per year. It slowly introduces your student to grammar without the plethora of paperwork and written assignments.

I think you and your student will enjoy the poems, pictures, and simple lessons.