George Washington Carver

Last month I read this book by John Perry.  It is part of the Christian Encounter series, biographies from Thomas Nelson Publishers.  This easy-to-read life story took me on the journey of George Washington Carver, a man that lived with an awareness of God in everyday life.  His story challenged me to slow down and see the handiwork of God in nature,  and I was also inspired by the way he took time to make disciples.  John Perry does a great job of balancing the inspiration with the reality of life and humanity, and I finished the story feeling like I had walked through life with Dr. Carver, the good and the bad of it.

You won’t find creative dialogue or a story line.  The author gives you the facts with actual quotations from real people and sources.  You learn about Dr. Carver’s sometimes rocky relationship with Booker T. Washington, his surprisingly small amount of work with peanuts in comparison to other things, and his role as a Bible teacher.  A wonderful resource for someone who wants the real story!