God’s Facebook Status

God is… I AM

So, I propose that God indeed listed the first Facebook status, thousands of years before there was a Facebook. It seems that even He knew the importance of sharing who He was and what He was doing. I ask myself why, and it seems that I need to be reminded who He is and what He is doing. I somehow begin to think that the world is all about me, and…it’s not. Are you perhaps the same way? It seems that King David of Israel was the same way. He details God’s status often, especially as he works through his “issues.” Just read a little of Psalms to see.

My favorite Psalm today (yes, they change daily, sometimes weekly) is Psalm 145, and this Psalm details much of God’s “Facebook” statuses:

….God is my God. God is the King. God is great. God is doing mighty acts. God is majestic. God is doing wonderful works. God is gracious and compassionate. God is slow to anger. God is rich in love. God is good to all. God has compassion on all He has made. God is faithful to all His promises. God is holding up those who fall. God is giving food at the proper time. God is satisfying the desires of every living thing. God is….

It keeps going and going. If you are like me, you need to be more connected to God’s “Facebook” in order to keep things in perspective.