God’s Provision

I recently read a friend’s blog that displayed God’s provision for her children’s Christmas gifts through bartering. It was so encouraging and such a reminder that God is interested in every single part of our lives. Yes, He even cares about Santa gifts!

This year I was also reminded of His faithfulness and concern. I collect things throughout the year by always going to the Clearance section in any store, even the grocery store. For the past several years, our Christmas budget has been nonexistent, but it seems that my “collecting” always provides our daughters with more than enough!

So, I want to encourage you to keep your eyes open throughout the year for those little things that could bless your family or others during the next holiday season. For example, today I bought 12 scented votive candles for $1 and 4 decorative votive holders for $2 (Walgreens). I will place these in a special container for next Christmas, and next November I will use the things I collect to put together gifts as needed.

There is balance in everything, because we can’t and shouldn’t spend all our money and time going to every Clearance section or sale. But, be encouraged that God wants to provide even for the simple joys of life, and look for His hand/provision in your life!

I would love to hear about how He provides for you!