Grandma Needs A Why


“You homeschool? Why?” It is amazing how often this question comes up. You can be shopping at the grocery store, getting your oil changed, or celebrating the holidays with family. At some point, either a close relative or a complete stranger will question your educational choices. You need to be ready with an answer!

Always be ready to give a logical defense to anyone who asks you to account for the hope that is in you, but do it courteously and respectfully. (1 Peter 3:15 AMP)

I do not believe we need to walk around shoving our educational choices down other people’s throats, but I often think we don’t give an answer when one is needed.  Some people need to know that homeschooling is not seclusion, but inclusion of all ideas…not just what is the standard idea from a textbook.  Some people need to know that homeschooling is a choice to put your children first, not to leave them to play video games and ignore their needs for the future.  If we don’t have an answer, have a Why, then many are left to wonder and conjecture what is happening and what our purposes may be.

I COMPLETELY understand the cycle of questioning that can come from answering this simple question, but if you know your Why, then you can stick to that…always bringing them back to it.  Don’t get sidetracked defending someone else’s Why or trying to make someone understand, but simply have an answer.  Have your Why ready!

I have been in the homeschool world long enough now to see how the simple answers and faithfulness of families has brought Grandma around to praising the achievements of her homeschooled grandchildren.  Even onlookers are starting to tell me how they wished they could homeschool their children!

Know your Why.  Stick to it, and don’t be afraid to share it.  We are influencing the world as we choose to educate our children with purpose.





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Tell your story!  How did your Why help you answer the tough questions?