YOU can hack your child’s education

I know lots of people have shared this video and enjoyed this young man’s perspective.  Please watch and be inspired, then read a little more below.

As I thought about his presentation, I was struck by a thought.  This child did not hack his education.  His mother did!

His mother saw that something wasn’t in the right priority for her children.  She chose to break the molds that the system had prepared for her children and create new molds.  These new molds required creativity, investigation, time, community, and commitment.

Her actions also required her to establish a personal Why for her children and their education.  This young man states that he went from a system that was about making a living to one that was about making a life.  This mother had to help her children discover what they wanted to be, not just do.

This woman has inspired me as a mother who is currently hacking my children’s education.   I was encouraged to keep searching for new molds and new community for the benefit of my children.

YOU may feel inadequate or overwhelmed with the thought of hacking or helping your child hack his education.   I hope you will be challenged to try though!

You don’t have to homeschool to hack an education.  You can also hack through other methods.

  • You might introduce and bring your child’s school into community with a program that breaks a standard mold, like a monthly exercise challenge.
  • You could explore ways to fund special presentations to inspire and expose the students to more than the school can offer.

If you’re homeschooling,

  • You could create a community for those who have similar interests.  This could mean monthly meetings or setting up special activities at your home or at a local park.
  • You could ditch your written curriculum for more life experiences.  For example, drop the science book curriculum for an internship with a local vet.
  • You could incorporate more than just the state’s requirements.   You could take your children to the opera, allow them to create their own business, or get them involved in community services.

The key to hacking is doing what you are already doing.  It’s hard to hack into something that doesn’t fit your skill set or doesn’t allow you to “be” who you are.  If it forsakes any part of your Why, it isn’t worth the trouble.  On the other hand, if it incorporates and enhances your Why, then don’t hesitate!  Jump on it!

I have a dream…that all mothers will become hackers!

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