Reasons to go to a Homeschool Convention

I am still amazed by the number of homeschool moms I know who have never attended a homeschool convention. Many have gone so long without that it seems pointless. I hope I can change your minds!

Inspiring Workshops

Homeschool conventions do have personalities. Some can lean toward commercialism, others may be politically or religiously focused, and several may be relaxed and encouraging. It is ok to shop around and find the one that best fits your needs. Or, you can be like me and just go to all that you can!

Why am I such a fan of conventions? I mean I should have seen it all by now, right?

Here are my top 5 reasons for attending a convention every year:

1.  There is always something new

When I go to a convention, I always learn something new or see something new. Curriculum is always adjusting and changing to incorporate new technology. Speakers are often different and discussing new ideas. I don’t want to miss out on new ways to educate and expose my children to knowledge!

2. I need a break

This is extremely selfish, but a convention gets me away from the constant activity of my home. Often I can’t even think about the next year until I get these moments to step away.

3. I am inspired

Often I leave a convention inspired to do more, to strive for more, to dare to dream. The stories and ideas shared give me new eyes and clear my vision.

4.  I get to touch and feel curriculum

Almost every year I am looking at something new to incorporate into our school days. We are fairly set on our math and grammar for now, but I often want to try a new science or history offering. At a convention, I get to touch the books, play with the online program, and ask lots of questions. Though I don’t often purchase the curriculum at the convention, I do usually make my final decisions as I touch and feel the choices.

5. I build a network

Even if I may never use a certain curriculum or service, I gather resources to take back home…to friends, to clients, and ultimately to you! This network of information is valuable. It allows me to counsel with a knowledge of the basics of a curriculum that I may never use personally. In addition, when I find myself struggling or my student struggling, I have a network to tap for help, ideas, and other options.

Touch and Feel CurriculumMany people say they avoid conventions because they get overwhelmed or are too easily moved to purchase unneeded curriculum.

  • To avoid being overwhelmed, set limits for yourself. Choose your workshops ahead of time and make a plan for what you will preview in the vendor halls. Get a buddy to hold you accountable and to remind you to stay with your plan.
  • To avoid spending, don’t bring money!  It is really that easy. There is always a way to order from home the next week, and a week is usually just what you need for clarity. If you are worried about missing a great convention deal, ask the vendor if there is any way you can still get the deal or something similar the next week. Many times there is a way to still get the deal.

The advantages of a homeschool convention FAR outweigh any disadvantages. Don’t miss another year of education, encouragement, and inspiration!

Let’s Chat: What are other advantages that you have found in attending homeschool conventions?  What are other disadvantages? Click here to share your thoughts.

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