Homeschool Supplies

As we near the Sales Tax Holiday in the state of Alabama, I know many people are making their school supply lists and planning to take advantage of some extra savings.  Here is a link to the Sales Tax info in case you want to know exactly what is covered and exactly which cities/counties are also participating with the state:

Recently, I had a new homeschooling mom ask me what items she needed to have on hand for her homeschooling journey.  I thought this was a great question and one worth a blog post!

Here is a list of supplies that I like to always have in my home for school purposes:

  1. Computer & Internet Access – this is becoming a necessity rather than a want these days.  Your students don’t have to wait to go to the library for information now.  And, many wonderful resources can be found on the internet, including things for teachers!
  2. A printer that prints, copies, and scans – this has saved me so much money!
  3. Colored Pencils
  4. Twistable Crayons – I LOVE these crayons – no more torn papers, broken crayon pieces, smeared colors on your floor or table.
  5. Pencils
  6. Eraser Sticks – much better than the erasers on pencils which are often gone before the pencil!
  7. Construction Paper
  8. Plain white printer paper
  9. Wide-ruled notebook paper  (have used all through elementary and middle school)
  10. 3 ring binders – These handle the paper nightmare by giving everything a place
  11. 3 hole punch
  12. Electric pencil sharpener (worth the extra money)
  13. Kid scissors
  14. Glue sticks, and maybe 1 Elmer’s glue bottle for those special projects
  15. Stapler & staples

This covers the basics in our home.  Please feel free to comment with your must-haves.

Happy School Shopping!