I Have A Dream

As we remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and his famous “I Have A Dream” speech, I want to ask you a question. Do you have a dream? If so, what is it and have you written it down?

Why is it important to write it down? Well, the first reason is that we often forget. As a mom, I know, and have even been made aware of scientific information that supports my theory, that I lost brain cells during my pregnancies. Those missing brain cells mean that I have less room to hold information in my human computer. But, even without pregnancies, we are often only using a limited amount of our memory capability anyway.

Another reason that our dreams need to be written is in order to prevent us from getting distracted. Just like a business office uses an appointment schedule, we need to have a dream “schedule”. We need to know how the things around us are working toward the fulfillment of our dream. When we know these things, it is easier to say “no” to the things that will take us off track. For example, I have a dream to educate my children in a worldview based on God’s presence, so I have dedicated the first half of each day to focusing only on this education. I do not answer phone calls, and I try to stay away from personal work. This can be difficult sometimes, but I am determined to work toward the fulfillment of that dream which will not happen if I allow myself to be distracted or occupied by other things.

God also reminds us to write things down – His words, His work in our life, and His inspiration. Maybe there are some of you who do not feel like you have a dream. I must remind you that God is the source of inspiration and dreams (even to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.). Ask Him to show you and reveal His purposes for your life, then start looking around you! Remember that God does not always speak to us audibly, but He often “speaks” to us through circumstances, people, and the Bible. And, if you need a biblical basis for writing it down, just look at the Concordance at the back of your Bible for the verses that refer to “write”, “writing” and “written.” I think you will quickly see that He knows we need to write it down to remember and keep us on track.

Look at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He wrote it down, shared it and lived it—and, he changed the world. What could your dream do if you did the same?