It’s A Mystery!

My oldest daughter recently celebrated a special birthday, and we (the parents) gave her the choice in what type of birthday party she could have. We gave her the many options which all included going somewhere and having someone else “do” the party. But, when it came down to it, my daughter wanted something that noone was offering: a Mystery Birthday Party.So, I, being the internet junky I am, “googled” this type of party, and quickly we were on our way to organizing the perfect birthday party. I’m not sure how it all went so well, except I give a lot of credit to my mom who helped!

We sent out invitations using the Evite website, and we were able to use clip art to create our own Mystery invitation. Then, we printed memos (using Microsoft Word’s template) that asked guests to come and help solve the mysteries.

About a week before the party, my mom, my daughter and I brainstormed ideas for mysteries. So, here is how it all went down:

The guests arrived and were first led to the Governor (my mom) who had them hide their presents from Hope and write clues to help her find them. Then, they were whisked away downstairs for a photo and crafts (a detective hat made from newspaper and a mustache for disguise). I printed detective badges using their digital photos, laminated them, and attached them to clips for each guest to wear. (This was the most time consuming part!)

After everyone had arrived, we had a “meeting” to discuss the mystery at hand: Missing birthday cake! The guests then went upstairs to fingerprint the suspects (all the adults who stayed), dust for fingerprints at the crime scene, measure footprints, and take handwriting samples from the suspects as well. After reviewing the evidence, they interviewed a witness (a random adult pulled from the suspects).

These girls were really quick and eagerly went to identify and question their culprit, who was my dad. It was so funny! They really wanted to take him away and lock him up. He gave them clues to find the birthday cake, and the case was solved.

Of course, after cake, my daughter had her own set of clues to solve as she searched for her presents. It was a special day, and I thank God for the tools that He provided. Through the use of the internet, we were able to quickly locate simple fingerprinting techniques, easy craft ideas, and even clip art for the badges! I also had some gift cards and coupons which helped us with goody bags which included magnifying glasses, pens, notepads, flashlights, and candy! It was a wonderful celebration!