How I Learned to Keep My House Clean

After 15 years, you would think I would have learned how to keep my house clean!  I guess I am a slow learner….

But, last year I discovered Pinterest.  Every time I logged on, I was reminded of the 30 day housecleaning plans that I was NOT completing.  I saw all the simple 10 minute-a-day activities that would keep my house spotless.

This didn’t keep me away from Pinterest though!   It inspired me.  I started looking through all the ideas to find something that fit me and my home.   Here’s what I created:

How I Keep My House Clean

Create a System to Keep Your House Clean

The trick for me was having a plan.  I need a system.  I need something consistent and steady.

Life is so crazy.  Things are always changing.

I broke down the house into focus areas for each day of the week.   Does this mean that EVERY Monday I religiously clean my bedroom?  No, but it is on my to-do list.  If it doesn’t get done that day or even that week, I know it is on the list for the next week.

Keep Trying

If you fail, try, try again!  So, I didn’t clean my bedroom this Monday, but I cleaned the sheets on Tuesday.  I’ll try to dust on Wednesday.  If it doesn’t work for this week, I’ll start all over again on Monday.

Many times I have given up because I was so overwhelmed.  When the piles keep getting larger, you get to a point when you say, “What’s the use?”

I can forgive myself for not getting it all done on Monday.  It’s OK.  I can try again.

Every Day Do Something

There is always something to do to keep a house clean!  I have found peace in knowing that every day I will have to:

  • Make my bed
  • Do at least 1 load of laundry
  • Clean up after myself (and probably several others)

I want to tell you that I completely rest on Sunday, but there is no rest for this momma.   I still have to clean up my coffee mug.  I even have to take a shower!  Can you believe it?

So, every day I resolve that I will have to do something to keep my house clean.  And, that’s ok.   It’s even good for me!

Set a Good Example

It is also good for my children.  They need to see that keeping a house clean involves consistent and steady work.  If I don’t show them, who will?

I believe teaching my children to clean the house will actually teach them life lessons like:

  • How to keep your email inbox clean
  • How to keep your checking account clean
  • How to keep your thought life clean

Oh, no!  I haven’t learned those life lessons myself yet!

It’s hard to set a good example.  Some days I am tempted to stop trying.   But, my system is helping me stay on track.

So, our home is not spotless, and none of us cleaned our bathrooms today.  But, we know that we will try to clean the bathrooms thoroughly tomorrow.  Going to stick with the important things today, and let tomorrow get the leftovers!

I challenge you to set up a system.  It can be a 30 day system, a weekly system, or a 10 minute a day system.  Please share your experiences with me!

Let’s Chat:  Do you have a system for cleaning your home?  If so, please share because your ideas may help someone else!  Click here to share your thoughts.

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