Learning about Seasons

Today we learned about the tilt of the earth’s axis and how its orbit around the sun brings us the seasons.  As we explored all the resources I had gathered, I thought I would share them with you.  We spent only a little bit of an afternoon focused on this subject of science.



First, we read about seasons.  I used these resources, and only read the pages about seasons in the resource books.  These images are linked to Amazon (affiliate links), but you can also find some of them at your local library:

Exploring the Internet

We love to explore the internet for activities and fun.  Our school has a membership to Enchanted Learning, so we read their page about Seasons and tested ourselves.  We learned some big words like equinox and solstice.

Then we went to Elemental Blogging for a video and printable season book.  My 2nd graders loved drawing and coloring their season books.


I have been using Elemental Science’s Earth Science & Astronomy for the Grammar Stage as a guide for the school year.  We end all our lessons with narrations using their student workbook.


We could have done so much more, and please feel free to share your favorite resources (book or internet) in the comments below.

Below is a link to my Pinterest board with links to more resources for Earth Science:



Keeping science simple and engaging can be a challenge, but it is possible!