Moms Need to Learn to Take Selfies

I thought I was pretty good at candid shots, and I have captured a few great “selfies.”  But, I didn’t know how poorly I delivered until I went on a road trip with my older ladies.  They kept grabbing the phone and saying, “Let me do it for you.”  Huh?

selfie with daughter

Evidently, there is an art to holding the phone as you snap the photo.  The phone must be at the right angle – just the right balance of high and low.  And, you have to pay attention to the background and the focus.  What?!  I just wanted to capture the fact that I was actually there with my children as they experienced life.

These encounters led me to the realization that I needed to learn more, and how do I do that?  Practice makes perfect!

selfie with daughters at ice skating rink

Selfies have gotten a bad rep.  We associate the term with people who are obsessed with seeing themselves and promoting themselves.  Yet, we need to recognize the good in the selfie!

As moms, we often are the ones who capture the moments of our children’s lives, but we forget to capture that we are with our children.  Selfies give us that opportunity, and for future prosperity, they document the active role of mom in children’s lives.

On a recent field trip, another mom and I switched up taking photos of us with our kids after having the conversation about how we are never in the pictures.  It is really a problem!

So, grab your phone and spend a little time perfecting your selfie skills.  Start getting your children to gather around you as you turn the focus on you AND your kids experiencing life together.  You will be thankful, and so will they.

selfie with children at a table

I’d be remiss if I didn’t lead you to some tips, so here are a few short articles that will hopefully help you and me in perfecting our selfie art:

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