Nesting, Part 1

Most pregnant women feel the need to make their “nest” ready for the baby (or in this case, babies) to come.  We knew we had to get things in order.  It was actually a hard time for us financially, and it seemed that my motherly senses were heightened to look for what was absolutely needed.  I began subscribing to all the baby sites and joining every multiples group on those sites.  I read all the reviews on any products I thought were necessary for especially the first 3 months.

The first thing to get attention was car seats and mobility.  We wouldn’t even be able to get home without this resolved!  I decided to go with basic Graco infant bucket seats that could be popped in and out of our minivan. (Wow, was I glad we had made the minivan purchase!)  From having two older children, I knew how I had enjoyed being able to bring a sleeping baby into the house with minimal disruption.  I have to say that we are still using those car seats today, and yes, we will be shopping for more permanent ones soon.


My favorite find though was a stroller frame that the infant seats could be snapped onto!  The Baby Trend Double Snap N Go is a new mom of twins’ best friend!  You already have double the stuff when you get out, but this compact stroller frame made me feel like there was a little less clutter.  I could also get in and out of the mall or the doctor’s office quickly and efficiently.  This stroller gets my Twin DOUBLE Thumbs Up!  I was blessed to see someone with it during a doctor’s visit, and I found it at a local consignment sale for a third of the price. But, this stroller is not expensive and worth its cost.  (You do need to read the instructions for making the adjustments to the stroller for your specific brand car seat.)

Comment with any questions if you are now completing this part of your nest.  I did have some other strollers given to me by friends that were too bulky, and the only other double stroller I have kept is a jogging stroller (that does not usually travel with me).

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