Nesting, Part 2

If you are like us, you have wondered how you will make room for babies. How many things really need to be prepared as a set of two? We chose to just prepare for the first few months, and play it by ear after that. I had so many friends offering strollers and cribs and toys. We were very blessed!

Of course, I browsed through the catalogs and made a wish list online using Amazon’s registry button. But, we didn’t know if the babies would even have a room! So, we set up one crib in our bedroom, and I am so thankful for that insight!

At the hospital, our twins slept together, and we were able to continue that at home for a couple of months. Having the crib in our bedroom allowed us to sleep at least part of the night!

Another thing I did was set up two changing stations. One was in our living area and another was in our bedroom. These two changing areas gave helpers immediate access to baby needs and kept us from running all over the house all day changing diapers and locating burp cloths.

Another helpful tool was a hanging closet organizer to keep layette items within easy reach. Do try to have these things in order and even labeled BEFORE you come home with babies. This allows helpers to quickly locate a onesie or a pair of socks.

We had two bouncer seats that we borrowed from friends that were perfect for those early days. The baby swings were bulky and were not used as often, but I was thankful to have had one in our living area. Two swings were not necessary for us.

Be careful to not load your house with stuff at this point. Diapers and wipes are great to have stockpiled (a great shower idea by the way), but you really don’t need double the baby toys. Keep it simple and add on as the babies grow and needs change.

Posted via email from Our Twins Story