Pepperplate {App of the Month}

As we enter the new year, most of us strive to be more organized.  PepperPlate is an app that I found for my phone, iPad, and computer which helps me organize one of the most important parts of my life:  FOOD!

Pepperplate to organize mealsHelp for every home manager

We all know that eating out costs us not only more money, but it also eats into our health and well being.  To eat at home, we have to have a plan and have ideas for meals.  Pinterest can help you gather ideas, but Pepperplate will help to take those ideas and put them into a plan.

Each week (usually on Sunday) I look through my pantry and freezer to see what I have on hand.  I look through my favorite grocery store’s weekly ad to see what’s on sale.  Then, I go to Pepperplate to browse through recipes to make a meal plan based on these 2 factors:

    • What is already in my hand
    • What is on sale

Before Pepperplate, I was pulling out my recipe books or looking through my favorite recipe websites.  I was spending so much time, because I got lost in all the recipes.  With Pepperplate, I type in “chicken” in the search tool to see a list of only our favorite chicken recipes.

A view of the Pepperplate planner toolWhat Pepperplate will do for you

Pepperplate Recipe Collection

  • Recipes

Pepperplate will catalog all your recipes.  You can input them manually from your favorite cookbook or from your own handwritten notes.   Or, you can input them from your favorite recipe website directly using the bookmarklet.

I love that I can add photos and notes.  I can adjust a recipe by serving size.  I can make personal changes to the recipe.  I can categorize the recipes in a way that is most useful for me.  I can also share a recipe with a friend or online.  If I get the recipe from an online source, I can keep a link to the online recipe for any questions that may arise.

From the recipe screen, I can also add the recipe to my planner for the upcoming week.  I can also add it to my shopping list!  I can delete recipes that get a thumbs down from the majority, and I can “favorite” a recipe that gets a thumbs up from everyone  (like the recipe above).

  • Menus

I haven’t used this feature at all.  It would be good for planning a special event or for getting more detailed with meals each evening.   I am not that organized yet.

Pepperplate Planner

  • Meal Planner

I love this calendar!  It allows me to add recipes and text for each day (morning, midday, and evening).  No more questions about what is for dinner!  I just print the screen and post it on my refrigerator.  I also just go to the app that afternoon to click on the recipe for any instructions.

My daughter and husband have used the app to start dinner for me or even make dinner!  They just go to the Pepperplate app on our iPad or on the computer to see what’s for dinner and click on the recipe title for all the details.

Organize your grocery list with Pepperplate

  • Grocery Lists

I haven’t used the shopping option as much because I use my grocery store app, but it is helpful to make sure you don’t miss any key ingredients for your meal plans.  It is pretty neat how it automatically categorizes your items by area of a grocery store.  OR, you can customize the shopping list by inputting the aisle information from your favorite grocery store to have it automatically organize your shopping list for you!

Print your list to take to the store, or use the app on your phone at the store!

  • Timers

The Pepperplate app on the phone or iPad allows you to set multiple timers.  This is great when you have several things going on at one time.

If you are making a weekly or monthly meal plan.  If you are trying to consolidate your recipes into one place.  If you are constantly forgetting something at the grocery store.  Pepperplate will help save the day and save your sanity!

Meal planning made simple.

Let’s Chat:   There are lots of recipe apps available.  Have you found one that you enjoy more than others?  Click here to share your thoughts.

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