Prayer for Our Children

I love how reading makes you wake up from your complacency!  I am reading a book by Rebecca Ingram Powell called Season of Change which is about parenting middle schoolers.  Of course, she is giving some great advice and action points in this book, but tonight one thing jumped off the page:

What if you made sure you prayed for your children as much as you make sure your children eat?

As a mom of 1 year old twins, I hit the ground running every morning.  It is so easy to miss that moment or even the thought of a prayer.  I am resolved to do what I can to not let that happen any more!  Anyone want to join me?

I am not committing to getting up an hour earlier or dedicating a certain amount of time each day.  I am simply committing to breathe a prayer for my children every day, whether it is a moment when I first wake up or an actual verbal statement to God.  They need Him MORE than they need food, and I need Him too!