App of the Month: SAT Up


Oh no!  Your high school junior needs to start taking the college entrance exams!  You didn’t plan ahead, and now you are looking for anything to help them succeed and get those needed scholarships!

SAT Up is my App of the Month for November mainly due to this need.  With a high school student preparing for the PSAT and SAT tests, I was looking for an app which would offer practice and exposure.   We have tried many of the vocabulary apps and even a few other SAT prep apps, but this one gets the gold medal!

What makes this different?  It is offers just what is needed without extra hoops or hidden fees, AND it offers a thorough evaluation of your student’s skill level.

Put this app on your student’s phone to give them reminders to practice, and she can choose to practice at her own level and time.  The app actually gives a score based on the performance, so you can see where practice is needed most!  The Career option shows an actual SAT score based on the practice tests completed, and checking out the details will give your student the exact areas in Math, Critical Reading, or Writing that need improvement.  For example, my personal scores on 4 Math practice tests let me know that I am weak in Data Analysis.  I can now re-visit those lessons in my curriculum or find lessons online to help overcome this weakness.

There isn’t just practice tests!  There are actual videos that give test strategies!   The short videos give quick tips for the different types of questions your student will see on the test.  These videos would be great to review right before entering the test room.

Also, the app appeals to your student’s ego…there are badges to earn for completion of the practice tests, for correct answers, for correct answers in a certain amount of time, for practicing a certain number of days in a row, for time spent on the app, and for viewing solutions given immediately after a test is taken.  And, if he logs in using Facebook, then he can show off his badges for others to see!

From their blog, it seems that Score Beyond is open to suggestions to make this app even more useful and effective for students.  I’m sure you will find it an app worth having during this stressful time of college prep and readiness!