Should I Homeschool?

Questioning-WomanShould I homeschool?  You keep running across the idea. You have several friends that are doing it. You like some of the benefits of homeschooling, but some aspects still seem hard to embrace. In future posts, I’ll deal with understanding purpose….but right now you probably just want to know if this is something for your family. You definitely don’t want to jump off the bridge just because everyone else is doing it!

First of all, the fact you are asking the question speaks to your character. Many people rush into homeschooling without thought for the cost or the need. It is scary to wake up and find yourself on the wrong road….and even more scary when you’ve taken your children and family along for the ride.

Here are a few checkpoints to keep you on a good path:

  • Time
    Many people do not factor the time it will take to arrange curriculum and school days. Even if you join a group that offers weekly classes, you as the parent are often held responsible for making sure work is completed. It is a job….needing attention to detail. Do you have the time to do this? Are you willing to make the time? For many families, this means that one parent must become the primary income provider.
  • Agreement
    Do both parents agree to homeschooling? This is NOT something you want to do without support….especially from your spouse. If your husband is saying no, let it rest, and take your desire to God if you feel strongly about the need to home educate. If your wife is saying no, listen to her concerns and address them as you are able. I advise married couples to be in agreement before starting this journey.
  • Calling
    Almost every homeschool parent that I talk to says that originally they would never have dreamed of homeschooling, and when they did start to consider homeschooling, they were scared to death! They didn’t know if they could really do it, but circumstances kept pointing the way. Some even had school incidents that forced them to move quickly on the homeschool path. Do you have this same sense of calling? I believe that God often leads us on strange paths for us to see that He truly can be our strength in the midst of our weaknesses. I believe that homeschooling is a calling, a divine leading. If you do not sense this calling or passion, be slow to move forward in homeschooling.

Several years ago I watched as a mother began to weep during one of my sessions. After the session she came up to me and said, “I already have my daughter enrolled in an exclusive private school. We just went to orientation, but I felt like I should check this class out. Now I feel like I should homeschool instead, but I need time to myself…” This lady was being “called.” She had to figure out her way through the issues of time and agreement, but she did choose to listen to that voice even though it was difficult to temporarily set aside some of her desires. And, I personally gained a friend for life!

So, look over those checkpoints. Pray. Ask God to give you confirmation if it is His calling. He will let you know if it is His Way…the right road for you and your family.

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This post was originally published May 2013.