Space for the Spontaneous

Space for the Spontaneous - KristyTrent.comThe last minute decision to go to the zoo or visit grandparents.  The opportunity to have a impromptu tea party.  Dinner out with friends (adults only).  These are often moments in life that we treasure – the spontaneous, the step away from the normal routine.

Yet, in a life that is more like a hamster wheel that won’t stop moving, we have to discover ways to create space for the spontaneous.  Our spouses need this.  Our children need this.  We need this.

Remove the “Have To’s”

The first way to get space is to remove the “have to’s” in life.  This isn’t about actually removing all responsibility in life.  This is about realizing that each responsibility is a blessing, an opportunity.  You don’t “have to” make dinner or take a shower or pay that bill.  You can choose to not do it.

Recognize your power to choose.

So, no longer do I “have to” be at that party or talk to those people or rush my kids to be on time for an event or volunteer for that good cause or get my kids involved in extracurricular activities.  I can breathe and choose what I “get to” do.

Open Up the Schedule

Many times our “have to’s” are commitments we’ve made to things that are not really necessary.  At first, commitments seem wonderful and may even add value, but all commitments “come with a price.”  Make sure the “price” (time and/or money) doesn’t take all your space for spontaneity.

Let go of the good and cling to the best.

Add the “Get To’s”

I’ve always heard that when you take something away you need to put something in its place – or the old habit/idea will return.

So, instead of “Have To’s,” let’s start adding “Get To’s.”  We “get to” wake up this morning and take care of ourselves.  We “get to” hug our children and make them breakfast.  We “get to” give our spouses a kiss and walk them to the door as they leave for work.   We “get to” fold that laundry and straighten up the den.

How does that lead to space for spontaneous?

When I recognize the “get to’s,” I can choose to be spontaneous.  It’s not about what I “have to” do.

When I “have to” homeschool my kids today, I won’t enjoy a sunny day or stop to explore a deeper thought.  I will simply stay on that “hamster wheel” keeping my eyes focused only on what’s in front of me.  Any spontaneity will seem like a distraction.

When the spontaneous comes in life, I can say no to the “have to’s.”

Life can get so full, and I forget that I don’t “have to” live a mundane, tedious, super-focused life.  Jesus said that He came to give us life and life more abundantly!

I “get to” live today.  I “get to” be with my kids today.  I “get to” write a blog post.  I “get to” hug my husband in the kitchen.

Will you join me in creating space for the spontaneous blessings of today?