To be honest, spelling has not been an easy subject for me to teach. I have tried several different resources, and I think I have only recently settled on what works best for me. We have tried Spelling Workout workbooks and online games/resources for enrichment, but after starting Spelling Power with my younger daughter, I finally felt like we had found something that worked. I really like that this book will take my students all the way through their spelling studies – no other books to buy! I know others enjoy Sequential Spelling or simply use the spelling studies included in their traditional textbook curriculum.

Another more creative option that some parents use is developing spelling/vocabulary studies based on misspelled words in their writing or vocabulary words in their studies. You can look online for ideas or activities to reinforce spelling in this way.

It will be difficult to learn spelling rules without knowing phonics rules and without being able to read, so don’t start spelling too early. Give every opportunity for success!

Have fun playing spelling games