Spilled Milk Needs a Why

I know many of you are asking, “Really? The Why thing again?” Yes…it is the Why…again.

Why again? Because I know a day will come when you want and may even verbalize your desire to see your children get on that big yellow bus. “What?!” you may say, but trust me there will be days when homeschooling is not the dream you now have in your heart.

Homeschooling has beautiful aspects. I would not trade the relationship I have with my teen or the conversations we all share together for anything. I love exploring the world with my children and learning a few things in the process. Yet, there are moments when I am overwhelmed and disappointed.

Math alone will drive a homeschool mom to her knees begging for mercy. I really haven’t figured out how 2 times 2 equals 4 one day, then equals 6 the next. I don’t understand how you can give a student a few problems and walk away to finish a household chore, then return to discover only one problem has been completed!

You need to know your Why, because these little nuances can easily become frustrations that lead you off the course of your true purpose and goals. Knowing your Why will keep you from throwing in the towel over spilled milk…when the towel is what you need to clean it up!

Rough moments, days, and even possibly weeks will come, but knowing your Why will keep you steady. You will understand that the momentary difficulties are leading you to a greater good.

So, have you started writing and developing your Why yet? Go ahead and do it. Even now, you can start to consider what your long term goals are for your children. It can be general at first, and become more specific as you go.

Why do YOU homeschool? Know your Why so you can stand during the tough times and through more than one instance of spilled milk!