The LORD is My Stronghold defines stronghold as “a well-fortified place; a fortress.”  This gives me the picture of a place you want to be in the midst of a war.  As a Christian, I often find myself in a battle.  It is usually not a physical battle with fists or guns.  It is usually the ugliness of sin that rises up.  These times are difficult, and I deal with the ambushes, not the pretty lined up battlefield.  Actually, I feel outnumbered many times!

As I read Psalm 27 this week, I was given a new picture of that word, “stronghold.”  I am thinking of it more as a hiding place, a safe place, a place where God wants me to be.  His Word tells me that the battle is actually His battle, not mine.*  This doesn’t mean I don’t have some responsibilities, and one of them definitely being obedience!  It does mean that I am not responsible to make strategies or to insure victory….that is His part!  As a matter of fact, my whole faith is based on the victory He has already won and established.

So, as I face yet another battle for my soul and the souls of my family, I run to His stronghold, His “fortress,” His “well-fortified place.”  I must daily put my trust in His love, His mighty power, His battle strategy, and His victory!

*2 Chronicles 20:15

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