This past holiday season I kept Unafraid on my bedside table for pleasure reading.  This is a book from a series Francine Rivers has written called “The Lineage of Grace.”  The series focuses on stories of the women mentioned in the lineage of Jesus Christ in the Book of Matthew.

Though they are fictional accounts, the books include many true elements from Scripture.  I can’t believe I never realized what a “motley crew” these ladies were!  It is yet another demonstration of God’s love for all people, not just those that have it all together or are of a certain heritage.

Unafraid is about Mary, the mother of Jesus.  It tells her story from the viewpoint of both Joseph and Mary and is filled with the emotion of their unique situation.  I became more aware of the struggle it must have been to not scream their secret to the world and the personal struggles of parenting both the immortal as well as the mortal.  Also, my heart opened to the reality of how much Mary had to let go and trust God with Jesus and his ministry.  It must have been so difficult.  This was perfect reading material for the Christmas season!

My daughters gave me the full series last year, and I have enjoyed each story dearly.  I have found a little bit of myself in each of these women, and it has taught me to trust God more in the seemingly ugly parts of life.  I recommend that you find time during the holiday season to include Unafraid in your personal reading!

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