Why Pinterest is Good for Us

I hear negative statements all the time about Pinterest – how it is a waste of time, how we never really use it, how every new idea must come from Pinterest.  My husband’s first question about a piece of knowledge that is shared:  “Did you get that from Pinterest?”
Why Pinterest is Good for UsI absolutely love Pinterest.  It is not something that I spend every waking hour exploring, but it is my first go-to for any new adventure or thought.  It is visual and allows me to quickly scroll through the resources.

Pinterest encourages CREATIVITY.

I find this fact to be true of all of us:

We are at our most fulfilled when we have created something.

The difference is that we enjoy creating different things:  dinner, plans, events, gardens, home decor, jewelry, outfits, art, furniture, and the list keeps going!

When I see that someone else used an old filing cabinet to store yard tools, I remember the old filing cabinet in my garage, and I CREATE a new home for my yard tools.

When I see the activities that someone created to help their student remember a math fact, I create my own activity based on the same idea.


When things are created, beauty and fulfillment are brought to the world around us.  This beauty and fulfillment reinforces our purpose and our usefulness.

When I complete a project, whether it is a blog post or a birthday party, I am so happy and content to see the result of my hard work and time.

What about you?  Do you find joy from creating?

Whether you use someone else’s idea or not, it doesn’t matter!  Your efforts will have your own personal touch, making it different and one of a kind.

So, don’t stop creating!  Pinterest is good for fueling new ideas and ways of expressing your creativity.  Keep the balance and get all the good out of Pinterest that you can.

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