Wipe Up Some Cash

Baby products are expensive…especially convenience items like diapers and wipes. You can probably imagine the expense in providing for twins. It really is double the cost. Sharing diapers and wipes would just be wrong!

As a new parent of twins, I didn’t care if I had to sell the shirt off my back…I would always purchase the convenience and time-saving options. Someone mentioned how they made their own baby wipes, and I just smiled thinking how great that they had time to do that. Two years later….my husband sends me this recipe for baby wipes, and I sip my coffee and tell him I think we have all those items in the house. He proceeds to follow the instructions and create a wonder….a roll of homemade wipes. He asks me about costs, and we figure out that the homemade wipes save us a whole lot of money! And to top it off, it only takes a few minutes to create!

You can view the recipe at food.com. But here’s a quick tutorial:

As you wait for two cups of water to boil, gather a roll of thick paper towels (we use Viva select-a-size brand), vinegar, baby oil, baby shampoo/wash, and baby lotion. I love being able to have a wipe with a true baby fresh scent! If your baby is highly sensitive, you can even control the chemicals…using dye free, fragrance free, or adding essential oils.

Next, proceed to saw the paper towel roll in half. I will be honest and say this is the hardest part. We haven’t found the best tool for a clean cut. By now your water should be boiling, so get it off the stove….then add a tablespoon each of vinegar, baby oil, baby wash, and baby lotion to the water.

Put one of the paper towel halves in a large Tupperware-like bowl that has a lid. Put it cut side down.

Pour the water mixture over the paper, letting it soak down. Put lid on the bowl. Let it sit for a few, then turn it upside down (lid on) for another few.

I saved a wipe container, and this is really the best option in our opinion. The opening does not rip the wipe apart like the upright containers that the food.com recipe suggests.

Before you complete the next step, wash your hands, or your wipes may become a science experiment! You will simply unroll the paper towel half into the wipe container. The end of the roll will be the center of the paper towel half and easily pull up through the opening. Yay! Now, wasn’t that easy?

Get some more water boiling to make another batch before your coffee is cold! You should have another paper towel half ready, and in a few minutes, you’ll have a wipe container to keep in the car!