Wonderopolis {App of the Month}

Have you ever wondered how, if, when, or really?! As a parent, I am most inspired by my children’s sense of wonder. Those why questions can be specifically entertaining and thought-provoking.


This month I had to share a favorite app which is more than just an app. It’s a website. It’s an interactive program!

I’m not sure what caused me to download Wonderopolis. I am often looking for apps that are educational and not just crushing candy or building farms. Technology already takes up so much of our life now. It is refreshing to find an app that challenges my children to ask questions and discover the world around them.

Ways to Wonder – Wonderopolis.org from Wonderopolis on Vimeo.

When you open up the Wonderopolis app, you are not bombarded with ads and you won’t find a bunch of settings or options. You and your children will only see questions to explore.


Every day a new question or wonder is posted. With the question, an answer is shared, and readers are given ways to explore the wonder further. Often activities are given to get your children off the couch!

It’s a great, big beautiful world out there!

The website at Wonderopolis.org offers a bit more than the app. You can sign up for text or email notification of daily wonders, and you can participate in a summer camp of activities and learning.

And, did I mention that it is all FREE?! It will only cost you some time. Time with your family. Time moving and exploring. Time to cherish.

As a homeschool parent, one of my goals is to instill a love of learning. Wonderopolis has created a wonderful resource to be used and enjoyed.

I am going to start using the daily questions to have discussions and explorations with my children. Perhaps it will be good to discuss during lunch each day?

Did you ever wonder? Get the Wonderopolis app today and start the journey of wonder!

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