Workflowy {App of the Month}

As we enter the holiday season, I have to share my little trick to get it all done.  It is called Workflowy.  It is on my phone.  It is also on the internet, so I can access it from any computer as well.  It is where all my lists are located.

workflowy app


This simple app offers just what you need to keep track of all the spinning plates of life!  Every  mom needs to have a Workflowy account, especially a homeschooling mom.

You don’t have to be a technical genius either!  When I say this app is simple, I am not kidding.  There are no obnoxious ads.  There is only a blank white page, and you add the text.


Keep Lists

I use the app on my phone to keep up with household routines, school needs, deadlines, work, and purchases.  If I am sitting at my computer, I can quickly pull up the lists to mark something as complete or to see what is left to do.

For Christmas

I am using Workflowy to keep track of Christmas gifts this year.  I am so excited that I will be able to wrap gifts now.  I won’t have to trust my memory or keep a secret list hidden on my desk.  I can also be out at the store and know quickly what needs to still be purchased.


Workflowy does allow you to share your lists with others, and I am just now exploring how to do this.  It is possible to use with your children to share a daily to-do list or even assignments.  Your husband might enjoy having access to a list of items needed for the house that he can pick up when he is at the home improvement store.

Here’s a YouTube video showing how to use Workflowy:

Click here for more videos from Workflowy.  I know that I am going to explore their videos to see what else I can do with this wonderful tool!

A list can save the day and keep you on track.  Use Workflowy for your lists!

Let’s Chat:  How do organize your Christmas lists?  Do you think Workflowy can help you?  Click here to share your thoughts.

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