Bedtime at the Construction Site

Bedtime.  It is an event with little ones.  A hug and kiss are often not enough.  A bedtime story is needed…often required!


My little ones love the stories we create on demand using them as characters, but there is something so special about sitting down with a book.  That extra snuggle in my lap seems to settle everyone down and make bedtime less chaotic.

Last year my mom gave my son some special bedtime books.  Being a “girl mom” for so long, I had never heard of these treasures!  Both my little lady and little man love the stories.  For the past few weeks, these two stories have been a part of our nighttime routine.

We usually start our storytime with Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?  This is a wonderful story that tells of different types of trucks and their bedtime routines.  We giggle at the little dump truck dumping his toys in his truck toy box and the garbage truck sniffing the little garbage truck’s load.

The book has lots of questions, and we have started to answer them as we read.  I love that the last question asks my children where their trucks sleep at night.  Maybe it is secretly preparing my little ones to accept that everyone must go to sleep?  I like that!

Our next book has become Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site.  I did not realize that this book was so popular!  I just discovered a matching game and lacing cards through an Amazon search!  Guess I know what to tell Mom to get this year…

This rough and tough book is filled with moments to be interactive.  My little man likes to do the “YAWN” for the Excavator, and my little lady is eager to tell the snoring dump truck to “Pipe Down!”  As each member of the construction site team goes to sleep, we whisper, “Goodnight.”  By the end of the story, we are encouraged to rest so we can work and play the next day.

We only have a few stories that have made it through multiple bedtime routines, and bedtime at the construction site has been exciting and educational.

Here are some other favorites:

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