History Pockets {Curriculum Review}

History is one of the fun parts of the homeschool journey.  Why?  It is a school subject that only involves imparting knowledge.  There are no skills to be taught.  If a child can read and write, he can even study history independently!
History Pockets

My Experience

I have always enjoyed using The Story of the World for history studies.   But, we entered the middle school years with my second child who had gone through 2 cycles of the stories. It was time for a change.

As I explored the curriculum hall at a yearly homeschool convention (which should be an annual part of every homeschool mom’s life…just saying), I came across History Pockets.  We were set to study ancient history, and I loved how this curriculum offered information as well as activities.  I picked up several books covering the main ancient civilizations:  Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Our first run through History Pockets: Ancient EgyptHistory Pockets:  Ancient Egypt was adventurous.  We had to learn how to create the pockets most efficiently.  I had to purchase extra large construction paper and learn how to connect the pockets together for the book.  Once we figured this out, the rest was laid out for us.

We even had friends join us at the end of each week to complete activities together for some “socialization.”   The books are filled with projects that are perfect for groups as well as individualized learning.

History Pockets:  Ancient Egypt

Using History Pockets

History Pockets offers a hands-on approach to study history.   Each book centers around a specific historical topic.   There are books about the Civil War, as well as Ancient Civilizations. Find a book to fit into what you need or want to study.

The book leads your student in creating his own book about the topic.  The book is made up of pockets that will contain information as well as creations.

The pockets reflect a deeper look into the topic.  There is usually an introduction that gives the foundational information needed to complete the other pockets.  The Ancient RomeHistory Pockets: Ancient Rome
book included a timeline in its introduction pocket that was invaluable!

Mt. Vesuvius from History Pockets:  Ancient Rome

Here are the Ancient RomeHistory Pockets:  Ancient Rome pocket titles to give you an idea of what is covered:

  • Daily Life
  • Government
  • Education
  • The Roman Army
  • Religion and Mythology
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment

We worked to complete a pocket each week.  Some weeks were hard, because I had to have things copied and ready.   I’m so glad that the pages were perforated to make the copies easier and more clear!

I know some companies have listed these books as a supplement, but I really don’t see how anyone could do much more in history studies at the middle school level.  The books even included an evaluation sheet you could use at the end of the book to see how well your student processed the information.

I would recommend History Pockets for those students who enjoy a hands-on learning experience.  The teacher’s responsibilities are limited with collecting the necessary materials and reading the instructions, if needed.

We enjoyed the experience that these books created for us!

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