It’s OK To Cry

It’s been a long day. Little ones have pushed me to my limits. No one seems to understand my needs…my pain…my struggles. It’s time to cry.

There have been times in my life when I stood firm against the crying. It was weakness. It was lack of faith. Today it is an act of faith.

I am learning about the power of tears. It isn’t a pity party. It is a cry out to my God. Complete abandon to trying to do anything on my own.

When I cry, He shows up. I am freed of the responsibility to be my own Savior….He truly becomes my all in all.

It is amazing how good I feel after letting the tears flow!

Crying gives me:

  • fresh eyes….a new perspective
  • physical relief…as my body releases the emotional baggage
  • spiritual rest…as I release my concerns into much more capable hands!

So, when I feel the large knot in my throat, I find a safe place and let it go…





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