The Picture Smart Bible Curriculum

If you’ve read my previous post about Bible studies, you know that I like to use an “adult” Bible when teaching Bible to my children.  I am not a fan of Bible curriculum or children’s Bibles.  The Picture Smart Bible curriculum has changed my mind!

Picture Smart Bible Curriculum

My Experience

About a year ago, a friend posted a link to this curriculum on Facebook.  Having a daughter who is talented with art, I was interested in what the material offered.   After visiting their booth at our local homeschool convention, I bought the CD curriculum.  I am so glad that I did!

For our Bible studies, we read a chapter out of our Bible each day.  In the past I would have my children draw a picture or write a paragraph detailing the day’s reading.   Now…we still read the chapter, but we are using the color pages for that particular book and chapter to reinforce the actual words or story read.

Picture Smart Bible Curriculum Art

Using the Bible Curriculum

The curriculum creators have taken each book of the Bible and created pages that offer images to help students remember and see what they have read.  The manual gives:

  • complete instructions for drawing each part of the page
  • information to explain the chapter or reading more fully
  • discussion questions
  • memory verses for each book of the Bible

The student pages have only outlines of the drawings.  My daughter enjoys that she does have freedom to color and add facial expressions as she desires.  She has a framework though.

We only complete a part of the picture each time.  This creates some mystery and adventure!  This also gives us a reason to finish a book of the Bible more quickly and consistently.

I chose to get the CD only which contains the manuals and student pages for both Old and New Testament.  We only print and work on one student page at a time.  I would recommend purchasing the printed manuals for easier daily access to the instructions.

You won’t see me mention many other Bible curriculum.  But, Picture Smart Bible wins the award for meeting the needs of those who want to stick to the actual text!

Question:  Have you used the Picture Smart Bible? Is there a different way you teach the Bible to your children? Click here to share your thoughts.

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